Dansk version

The content of NetDansk reflects the target group. The recurring characters are young Danes, studying or working in Denmark, and their friends.

The stories and the situations described in the texts and dialogues will be familiar to a young audience. In addition to this general characteristic, the stories and situations also introduce Danish culture, everyday life in Denmark, and the Danes.

NetDansk is therefore not only an introduction to the Danish language, but also to Denmark and the Danes, and it prepares the target audience for life as a student, young researcher or employee in Denmark.

Stations on the metro lines contain texts, dialogues and linguistic or other exercises. In NetDansk 1, the texts form part of the continued story, whereas the texts in NetDansk 2 are information texts to a much higher degree. Here the stories take place in the dialogues.

As regards NetDansk 1 we advise you to start from line 1 and continue through to line 17. After you have completed line 17, you will have covered the basics of Danish grammar and vocabulary.

As regards NetDansk 2 there is not the same progression from line 1 through to line 28. When you get to NetDansk 2, you can start on the topic of your choice.

Before you start, you should consult the User’s Guide.