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Working with texts and dialogues



NetDansk 1


All metro lines have a text and - in some instances - also a dialogue on the first station. There are different ways that you should work with the texts.


  1. You may listen to the text before reading it to see how much you understand by just listening to the text.


  1. You may read the text first and listen to it afterwards.


  1. Or you may listen to the text while reading it.


As a general rule, the first station after the texts and dialogues on the metro lines includes text comprehension exercises.


Some learners benefit from so-called shadow reading. First you listen to the text, then you read it aloud while listening to it again, imitating the pronunciation, intonation and speed. This should be repeated until you feel you have mastered the reading of the text.


The exercises on the following stations are related to the texts and dialogues of the same metro line.



NetDansk 2


You can apply the same techniques when you work with the dialogues in NetDansk 2.


In your reflections on your learning process, you should consider which techniques work best for you and apply these. It is one of the advantages of independent learning that the decision is up to you.