Response to exercises


Dansk version

As you will soon realise, there are different types of exercises in NetDansk. In some exercises you get immediate response (multiple choice). In most other exercises, there is a Check button.  Do not click the Check button until you have finished the exercise.  At that time a box pops up with your result. If you click Check before you have finished the exercise, you will see that the score in the box is not correct because the program always checks the whole exercise and not just the part that you have already completed.




In the exercise to the left you are to fill in 12 boxes. 3 have been filled in correctly, and the rest have not been filled in yet. If you click Check now, you will get the answer that your score is 25 %.


You have answered the 3 questions correctly, but the program includes all 12 boxes. In this way, 3 are counted as correct, and 9 as wrong = 25 %.
















Exercises generally take up more space than what is immediately visible in your browser window. In order to enlarge your screen picture, you may press F11 on your keyboard. This function is deactivated when you press F11 again.


If you do not have the Danish vowels æ, ø and å on your keyboard, you may use a special panel that has been added on the left side of your screen in the exercises where you will need these characters.