Before you begin -


Dansk version

Read the technical information on this station!


Here is some useful information as well as instructions in the use of NetDansk. Read it in order to benefit more from NetDansk, and spare yourself some technical difficulties.



NetDansk has been optimised for Microsoft Explorer, so if you use another browser (e.g. Netscape, Firefox), you may experience errors in the graphics.


Sound and Internet connection

The sound files may be played in three different qualities – low, medium or high. The higher the quality, the larger the file. If you have a slow Internet connection, you should use the low quality option in order not to have to wait too long. The faster your connection is, the higher quality of sound files can be used.


The sound files are played in a separate program (e.g. Windows Media Player or Realplayer), depending on what is installed on your computer. You can change the settings for the player yourself (e.g. the size of the window).


If your computer does not have high quality loudspeakers, you may find it an advantage to use a headset.