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Reflecting & keeping a log –

You don’t know what you mean before you say or write what you think!

When you are learning something new, it is important for you to reflect on what you are doing. It enhances your learning.

Reflecting means mirroring, considering, contemplating, meditating

  • Reflection arouses curiosity, wonder, desire for new knowledge

  • Reflection adds perspective and motivation to your learning

  • In a reflection process, everything is of equal value and validity – the individual is the owner of his/her thoughts

In order to retain your reflections, you may want to keep a log; you can do that in different ways:

1. A process log

Purpose: To collect material about a process and reflect on the observations

What happened? What did I feel?  What did I learn?




2. A meta-cognitive log

Purpose: To find out about and create awareness of how learning takes place

What happened? What did I learn?  How did I learn it?




3. A process or prognosis log

Purpose: To learn a method of evaluation; to evaluate whether project expectations (possible short term or long term effects) will be fulfilled

What happened? What could happen in the future on the basis of what has happened? Why?




4. A synthesis log

Purpose: To learn a method of surveying what happened and relating it to the future

What did I do? What did I learn?  How can I use it?




5. A communicative log

Purpose: To learn a method of entering into written dialogue

What did I do? What would I like to discuss?  Comments



A written dialogue in a communicative log demands

  • High ethical standards

  • Empathy

  • Tact

- to ensure that

  • The self-respect of the author is maintained

  • The relationship of trust between the parties is not destroyed

  • Trustworthiness does not disappear

You may try writing a log in your own language, in which you reflect on your learning process and its results. It is of course up to you to decide whether you want to do that on paper or by creating a blog on the Internet.