NetDansk in a Web and a print version


Dansk version

NetDansk is divided into two parts, NetDansk 1 and NetDansk 2.

NetDansk 1 covers basic Danish grammar and vocabulary in 17 metro lines. These 17 lines have stations with texts, dialogues and exercises. There is a clear progression from line 1 to line 17. The web version has pictures and audio files; it is intended for individual learning and / or for use in classroom teaching.

There is also a printed version of NetDansk 1. This is intended for use in classroom teaching. The printed version will be published. Further information on this will be found on this web site in due course. Until then, anyone interested in the project may contact the project coordinator, Karen M. Lauridsen, at

NetDansk 2 is organised around themes. The theme of each metro line is indicated on the front page of NetDansk 2. It includes pictures and audio files.

NetDansk 2 is intended for the learner who has completed NetDansk 1 and has come to Denmark or is going to Denmark shortly. There is no clear progression from line 1 to line 28 in NetDansk 2; the learner is encouraged to work with the most relevant themes for him or her.

There is no printed version of NetDansk 2.

There is a small group of recurring characters in the NetDansk stories and dialogues. In addition to this, there is information about Denmark, Danish culture and everyday life in the country. Especially NetDansk 2 comprises a substantial amount of information in the info texts and in the dialogues.

In NetDansk we have tried to accommodate the individual learnersí learning styles. Read more about learning styles and the Building Excellence learning styles test on the Learning styles metro line.

If you are a teacher, you may find further information on the metro line Teacher's Guide.

If you want to learn Danish by studying NetDansk, you may find further information on the metro line Userís Guide. Study the Userís Guide carefully before starting. You will find technical specifications and much more on that line that will make NetDansk so much easier and so much more fun.